I woke up this morning and read a great blog post from my good friends over at Sensi Graves Bikinis.  The post was about giving gratitude and how important it is to incorporate such appreciation into our daily lives.  As I reflected on this post over my coffee and oats I thought about what I was feeling grateful for today and one of the things that came to mind (amongst the many!) was my awesome crew of teammates that I have here in Brazil with me.

What particularly spurs this gratitude for my team is that I recently helped organize an event in Combuco Brazil, the neighboring town to the one I am currently living, with a retailer of North's called Kite Cabana.  The event went better than expected and huge crowds arrived to meet me and my North Kiteboarding Teammates; Aaron Hadlow, Craig CunninghamTom Court, Paula Novotna, Jerome Cloetens, Manel Arpa and new member to the crew Noe Font.  Now this in itself is a really cool thing, to be surrounded but such kiteboarding talent but that's not why I'm writing this post.

What stood out to me about the event and what I'm feeling grateful for in my reflection was the camaraderie amongst our team.  There is no attitude amongst this crew, no one who feels they deserve special privilege and instead only love for our sport and a genuine passion for sharing that with others.  It was a cool vibe to witness and as cliche as it may sound, I couldn't be happier than to be a part of this crew.  

That's it...that's all I wanted to share, a simple appreciation for my teammates and a shout out of thanks to Kite Cabana for having us and Giselle Nuaz for helping us organize such a fun day.  Photos from @photochagas