I was really excited when North decided to send me and my teammate, Craig Cunningham, to this year's Mac Kiteboarding Test Fest in Grand Haven, Michigan.  I've met members of the Mac Kite crew at various kiteboarding related functions around the country and not only were they always a cool crew to hang with but with every encounter would come an invitation to their biggest event of the year - The Test Fest.  What was once a competition for top level riders is now an event held for amateurs and pros alike to get together, talk shop, ride, and in general have a really good time.  

While this was the first year that there wasn't very good wind, we did have plenty of time to talk gear.  Watch the videos attached below as I briefly introduce to you what's new for 2016 on the North Kiteboarding Rebel & Dice!

(and please don't mind the facial expressions in the cover photos....uncanny, right?)