You've probably never heard of the Magdalen Islands, or even know where they. Take a look at a map and scroll as far east as you can go in Canada... you’ll find this archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. A small chain of islands offering an abundant range of landscapes and your choice of conditions no matter the wind direction. The plethora of spots, the unique culture, the diversity in the landscapes and the friendliest locals you would ever meet, made the Magdalen Islands the number one choice for this years Vegas campaign. Follow Aaron Hadlow, Stefan Spiessberger, Colleen Carroll, Noe Font and Craig Cunningham around the red island as they search a seemingly endless supply of flat water in the latest North Kiteboarding production, Rough!


Pamoja is the Swahili word for 'together' and this video is about girls riding together, encouraging and supporting each other and progressing at the beginning of 2016 in Zanzibar.

Where the Wind Blows North Carolina (4K-UHD)

Moxy International is thrilled to share the third season of the inspiring Where the Wind Blows mini-series. Join us as we follow four passionate women as they chase their dreams in professional kiteboarding while exploring the wind energy industry and it's connection to the sport they practice.

This season, the crew hit the road, and landed in North Carolina's Outer Banks to sail on the steady breezes that propelled Wilbur and Orville Wright to their historic first flight. The Outer Banks is a world class kiteboarding destination and home of the Triple S Invitational, the highest level kite park competition in the world. Experience this contest through the eyes of these women, as they ride the highs and lows competitive kiteboarding.

Conscious of their impact on the world around them, our team dives into North Carolina's sustainable energy scene during their visit to Avandgrid Renewable's newly-constructed wind farm in North Carolina. In this episode, the crew celebrates the wind's generosity as it provides power to their kites and their homes.

This is Watamu

We had no expectations for Kenya, all we knew is we wanted to go on Safari but the adventure that unfolded was one we'll never forget! Our 10 day trip to Watamu was packed with a unique experience each day... world class kiteboarding locations, wildlife like we'd never seen before and so many other activities. We were blown away by everything the little town of Watamu had to offer!

Rolling in Paradise

Watch as team riders take to the stunning islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines by catamaran. Epic riding, turquoise waters, warm winds and beautiful scenery all provided the ultimate backdrop for us to get creative, and we're excited to finally share 'Rolling in Paradise.'


   Bruna Kajiya & Colleen Carroll meet up for a quick and dynamic session.

EDIT: Vincent Bergeron  

How to trim your 2016 North Trust Bar

Out in Brazil this season, Colleen talks us through what she does to her NKB trust bar after she gets it out of the box. The NKB bar allows all sorts of different tweaks and adjustments that can suit any rider. From shortening the de-power throw, suicide and quick release modes and shortening the bar length for smaller kites...

Where The Wind Blows: Colleen Carroll "Select"

 Moxy International releases a second season of the empowering female kiteboarding series, Where the Wind Blows.  Colleen's "Select" cut is the first of five videos, alongside Sensi, Lindsay and Laura - featuring prime action shots from a summer of chasing wind and stacking clips.

Moxy International in association with Red Tide Pictures presents "Where the Wind Blows" // Featuring Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, Laura Maher and Lindsay McClure // Produced & Directed by Jennifer Jones, Cinematography & Editing by Wiley Watson // Additional footage provided by Craig Cunningham, Dan Schwartz, Tom Court, Ben Findlay and Jeremie Tronet //

KiteSurfing Union Island feat. Jeremie Tronet, Craig Cunningham & Colleen Carroll

The North Kiteboarding international team gets together at the wonderful home spots of the JT Pro Center ( on Union Island for an epic video.  Follow Jeremie Tronet, Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll for a fun mix of Kiteboarding styles on the most beautiful turquoise waters of the Grenadines.

AWSI Female Kiteboarder of the Year Nomination Video

I am incredibly honored to be awarded the 2015 AWSI Female Kiteboarder of the Year! Here is a short highlight reel of my last season. Huge thanks to my sponsors NORTH KITEBOARDING, ION, SENSI GRAVES BIKINIS Edit by Red Tide pictures Camera thanks to Craig Cunningham, Tom Court, Vincent Bergeron, Dan Schwarz, TB Films, Wiley Watson, The Salt Monkey Cover Photo by Lance Koudele.


The North Kiteboarding Freestyle-Wakestyle Team is taking their all new Vegas 2016 out for a first spin. A combination promising loads of fun, unbelievable kiteboarding skills and dream locations! Take part in the cool trip and this exciting experience!

North Kiteboarding Dice 2016 Product Clip

The launch of the Dice started a new era in the age of three strut kites. A C-performance oriented concept with three struts for advanced kitesurfers, who want the best out of two worlds: Freestyle and Waveriding. The newest generation of the Dice is the most progressive three strut kite on the market, offering everything you need for progressive freestyle and wave riding.

North Kiteboarding 2016 Trust Bar Product Clip

The benchmark since many many years and still copied by many brands year after year again. There must be a reason for it and you´ll be talked through all of those reasons and advantages by Colleen Carroll. The North Kiteboarding Trust Bar, again one step ahead in safety, technology and design.


Every kiteboarder remembers the time when they first experienced KITEBOARDING, that "wow" moment, that feeling of excitement. On this adventure we join two explorers who have their first experiences... Follow our riders that are living their passion and travel with them to the most amazing kite destinations; Manuela Jungo;,, Colleen Carroll;,, WARNING: Kiteboarding can be addictive Video produced by:


Colleen Carroll and Vincent Bergeron team up once again to bring you ‘Framed'; a short and snappy Kiteboarding edit with a hint of authentic flare. Camera & Edit by Vincent Bergeron Supported by North Kiteboarding International, ION and Sensi Graves Bikinis Music by Tame Impala song Elephant Additional footage from Craig Cunningham, Tobias Holter and Noe Font

Where the Wind Blows: Episode 3

In search of new challenge, the ladies venture west towards the Oregon Coast. The Pacific Ocean, vast and powerful, provides a large arena for our girls to show their skills. Through the fog and waves, Laura, Sensi, Colleen and Lindsay find some luck and score perfect wind in less than ideal conditions. Follow us along and come enjoy the final chapter of Where The Wind Blows.

Where the Wind Blows: Episode 2

Where The Wind Blows continues eastward as our group of women chase wind along the Columbia River Gorge. The girls display there diverse skill set as conditions proved tough; gusty winds and fierce currents kept the ladies on edge. Being a complete kiteboarder requires performing well in all conditions, Colleen, Sensi, Laura and Lindsay, show the power of collective energy, as they push each other to bring a high level of riding to the session. This is Where The Wind Blows.

Where the Wind Blows: Episode 1

Where The Wind Blows is the story of four diverse professional kiteboarders, who despite their exotic winter adventures, find their way back to the Gorge each summer. Their friendship, passion for kiteboarding and sustaining health connects them in a way that will inspire all viewers. The Oregon summer experience is a multidimensional story that is rich in wholesome food, beautiful scenery, and great adventures. Join us as we follow Colleen Carroll, Lindsay McClure, Laura Mayer and Sensi Graves through the rich fabric of the Columbia River Basin, Oregon Coast and beyond

Sensi Graves Bikinis presents Colleen Carroll Pro Model

Colleen Carroll's signature bikini! We're happy to announce the release of this signature piece. Thank you to ESBO.TV for the fantastic video.

2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational // Women's 1st Place

For more visit WWW.TRIPLESINVITATIONAL.COM Edit - Nate Appel Camera - Nate Appel, Jason Hudson & Travis Mays

Island Breeze

Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll headed out to Antigua to meet up with Andre Phillip and Jake Kelsick for some sessions. The trade winds turned into an Island Breeze but they still managed some sessions and definitely had some time to enjoy the island life! follow on #instagram for more from these riders at: @craigcunningham @colleencarroll @andrephillip @jakekelsick

Colleen Carroll visits Davey Blair in Chucktown

2 With A Kite riders have a little fun in Chucktown. See more of Davey and Colleen at

HIGHLIGHTS: Lighter and Brighter

Colleen Carroll and Sensi Graves find kiteboarding progression and bliss in the flatwater lagoons of Northern Brazil. See the girls in action as they revisit a kite destination unlike any other. Thank you to North Kiteboarding, Liquid Force Kiteboarding, ION, NA Blend, Sensi Graves Bikinis and all of our Brazilian friends!

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Check out the brand new episode from North Kiteboarding! Can't stop the pop, won't stop the riding. For 2015 we've created a Vegas so good it's addictive. Our most influential Wakestyle Team Riders took an epic road trip down the west coast of America, starting off with a rail riding jam in Hood River, finishing off with a memorable session under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

North Kiteboarding US Episode

The Northkiteboarding freestyle team had two requirements for this trip to the US... flat water and rails! They got what they wanted and then greased up Cape Hatteras and Texas. And by the way, heard about the legendary aircraft carrier USS Lexington!? Be surprised, don't want to miss this one!