You’ve been moving around a ton lately, what has been your favorite spot you’ve recently travelled to?

It’s halfway through the year and I’ve already been to 17 countries but there is one trip that definitely sticks out.  In February, Craig and I wanted to do a bit of exploring and through one of Sam Light’s best buds from home we ended up in Watamu Kenya. Sam’s friend Ben Kelliher runs a kite school there called Tribe Watersports and he welcomed us as if we were old friends.  He showed us all the best spots on the water and off and everyday we were blown away by something.  Perfect flatwater, steady wind, delicious food, friendly people and loads of unique places to explore.  We’re already planning our trip for next year!

Any exciting new videos or projects coming out soon?

Make sure to look out for Craig and my video from Watamu, we’re planning to release it in the next couple weeks.  This way you don’t even have to take my word for you can see for yourself.

Where are you currently?

Magdeline Islands off the east coast of Canada for our latest North Kiteboarding Vegas shoot.  I’ve just recently arrived and already it is one of the best places I’ve kited in North America. 

What are you most excited about for this upcoming NKB shoot?

Craig flew out here early to build a few features for the shoot.  Now that I’m here I can see that he has in fact been as busy as he’s said he is!  The setup he’s created is going to be super versatile and perfect for our location.  I can’t wait to try all the different setups he has in mind.

Anything you can tell us about the new gear?

Well of course it’s top secret but I can say for sure that it keeps getting better.  I’m stoked to ride for a brand that takes so much input from it’s riders into developing the gear.   It’s also a really good feeling to know that you helped create the products you get to ride everyday.

We know you are helping organize the upcoming Hood Jam event, can you give us the inside scoop?

Last year, Brandon Scheid, Rich Sabo, Craig Cunningham and I organized Hood Jam over a pint of beer at my bother’s house in Hood River two weeks before the event with zero sponsors…. it was awesome.  We rode a ton, had solid competition and the industry loved it rewarding us with loads of coverage.  Everyone involved from last year wanted it to continue for this year plus tons of other riders encouraging us to keep the tradition alive.  In effect, we’ve had to organize ourselves a bit more and for this year we’ll host an official event.  We’re stoked that we’ve been chosen as one of the Kite Park League official stops and from the messages we’ve received from around the globe are anticipating a huge turnout of competitors.

Overall our goal is to still keep it laid back and an event that is truly for the riders.  Everything we are planning is to make it the most enjoyable event possible to attend.  Plus we’re getting quite a bit of love from sponsors that wanted to be a part of the action so we’ll have parties throughout the week, an official livestream hosted by Sioeye, an all-star media team and a prize purse to give back to the riders putting it all on the line.

The event will be held August 5th-11th in Hood River, Oregon.  Make sure to check the Slider Project’s facebook frequently for updates.

Question from Noe Font: How is it to take on the “mom” role when you are traveling with the team?

Well to say that I am the team “mom” would be an overstatement in my opinion but yeah sometimes I do find myself organizing things for the group and taking care of things that the others don’t necessarily see right away but I think that’s just who I am.  I enjoy helping and encouraging the other riders and doing things to make whatever we’re doing a success on the whole not just for myself.

Text as published in the spring 2016 issue of 4Kitesurf as part of a joint interview with teammates Craig Cunningham and Noe Font